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ยท 2 min read
Tyler Engelhardt


Mainely Innovations is a concept I put together as a way to help users extend the AVEVA / OSIsoft PI ecosystem. I wanted to provide a way to enable open-source development of PI Vision custom symbols and scripts to help automate common, routine, or even the less routine tasks required of administration to the PI system.

There is a lot of flexibility in the capabilities in extending the base layer of the PI System. I see value in providing consumers of PI with common functionality. It is my belief that a lot of these common tasks, or basic PI Vision extensibility, can and should become open-source work because there is minimal value in paying for these services and the functionality should be usable by the consumers of the PI System.

Open-source projects are the reason behind providing the framework of Mainely Innovations, but paid services will support the company to grow. To start, these services will include custom PI Vision symbol development, PI Vision display creation / updates, Asset Framework work (analyses, asset footprinting, and notifications), and custom software development (C# or real-time with JavaScript).

I look forward to working building an open-source community around PI System development and extensibility.